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"I paint because I’m not good at keeping a written journal.

Because I often find myself filled to the brim with passing seasons, music, smells – the energies, impressions, and glimpses of a magic 'something' for which words would never do justice. My work is an attempt to bring to the viewer those little tastes of life-essence."

about the artist

Chelsea Best is a New York-based artist from Kansas City Missouri who grew up dancing to her mother's piano and running lines with her actor-puppeteer father when she wasn’t climbing trees and splashing in muddy puddles. She splattered paint like Jackson Pollock while watching Bob Ross paint happy little clouds. She wore green plaid pants with glittery zebra striped shirts, and rocked a hot pink streak in her hair. She attended Stephens College for a BFA in Dance while figure-modeling for the fashion department, and subsequently local artists. After her move to New York in 2006, she toured both nationally and internationally as a performer for almost a decade, apartment hopping and couch surfing between gigs, before deciding to grow roots in Washington Heights where she lives and creates with her husband, actor-musician Rory Max Kaplan, today.

Most recently, a selection of Chelsea's works were displayed in her debut solo exhibit "metamorphosis" at Hub Seventeen in New York City, on view February 8 through March 31, 2019. This was followed by a solo summer show at One River Arts (Larchmont, NY), and a solo autumn show at Community Music School (Trappe, PA).

Chelsea has also had the pleasure of being featured in other New York-based, national, and international art exhibits, including “Unnatural Election” & “Women in the Heights: Resistance,” both curated by the artist Andrea Arroyo, and “Remember the Ladies,” as curated by Carol Ward for the offices of Manhattan Borough President, Gale Brewer. 

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